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        For the latest updates on our ongoing response to COVID-19, please click here.

        Poland & The Baltics

        Gilead Sciences Poland & The Baltics Sp. Z o. o.

        Adgar Plaza

        6th Floor

        ul. Postepu 17A

        02-676 Warszawa


        Phone: +48 222 628 702 +48 222 628 702

        Fax: +48 222 628 701

        Gilead Sciences is a biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and commercializes innovative therapeutics in areas of unmet medical need. The company’s mission is to advance the care of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases worldwide.

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        Relationships with Charitable Organizations/Institutions

        Gilead provided support for the following charitable organizations in 2019. The information is correct at the time of writing (March 2020). The information is subject to change and periodic updates. For a listing of previous years’ grants, click here.

        Poland 2019 Spend

        Patient Organisation Recipient Description of Activity Amount Funded
        SPO?ECZNY KOMITET DS. AIDS Grant for project: "The MSM community is testing" - HIV awareness and education for MSM community. 20000
        ALIVIA - FUNDACJA ONKOLOGICZNA OSóB M?ODYCH Grant for support project "Kolejkoskop.pl" 20000
        SPO?ECZNY KOMITET DS. AIDS Grant to support activities during European HIV Testing Week in November 2019 and Warsaw's Testing Days in December 2019 20000
        FUNDACJA POMORSKI DOM NADZIEI Grant for project: Study of anti-HCV antibodies in a group of people with risky sexual behavior with special consideration of people with invasive medical procedures. 25000
        POLSKIE TOWARZYSTWO HEPATOLOGICZNE Grant for project: Scholarship Program of Polish Assoctiation for study of Liver: conference scholarships for 2 doctors and monthly trainees for 3 doctors 50000

        Baltics 2019 Spend

        Patient Organisation Recipient Description of Activity Amount Funded EUR €
        PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS SUPPORT GROUP (AGIHAS) HIV. Dangerous – lack of knowledge, not disease itself – disease awareness campaign 2019. 4300
        NGO ESTONIAN NETWORK OF PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV Grant for project: Checkpoint TECS: a secure place to integrate available services (testing, education, counseling, and support). 7625

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