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        For the latest updates on our ongoing response to COVID-19, please click here.

        What We Fund

        Gilead welcomes funding requests for innovative, high-impact projects that relate to at least one of five core therapeutic areas:

        • HIV/AIDS
        • Liver diseases
        • Hematology and oncology
        • Inflammatory and respiratory diseases

        We consider a number of factors when reviewing grants, but it is most important for applications to demonstrate a strong commitment to — and capacity for — delivering the specific services your funded grant would support.

        Grant applications are accepted throughout the year.

        Apply for grant funding now

        Types of Organizations We Support??

        Patient Community Support

        Healthcare provider talking to a woman sitting down in a hospital waiting room

        Lack of awareness is often a significant barrier to disease screening and treatment — especially among at-risk populations — leading to acute disparities in care. Gilead supports patients and their communities by funding a variety of awareness-raising projects.

        Examples of Patient Community Support projects Gilead has funded include:

        • Events or resources to educate patients about prevention and care options, such as:
          • Presentations
          • Web-based resources
          • Printed materials
          • Testing and screening initiatives

        The types of Patient Community Support organizations Gilead has funded include:

        • Hospitals and clinics
        • Charitable organizations
        • Professional associations
        • Patient advocacy and support groups
        • Academic medical centers and universities

        Medical & Scientific Support

        Scientist explaining a chemical equation on a whiteboard

        Ongoing education is essential to ensuring that healthcare professionals can continue to deliver the best possible care based on the latest advances in medicine. Gilead supports high-impact, continuing medical education programs that expand the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals.

        Gilead has funded a range of Medical and Scientific Support projects, including:

        • Continuing medical education (CME) accredited by ACCME or another relevant organization
        • Non-accredited CME in compliance with FDA guidelines
        • Scientific conferences
        • Lecture series or symposia

        Please remember that attendance at Medical and Scientific Support events should be open to professionals in the community. The principal speaker may not be employed by, or the audience limited to, the funded organization.

        The types of Medical and Scientific Support organizations Gilead has funded include:

        • Medical universities
        • Professional associations
        • Community health centers
        • Hospitals and academic medical centers

        NOTE: If you represent an accredited medical education program that involves for-profit medical education companies or that has a national or regional scope (e.g., satellite symposia at scientific conferences), Gilead offers a separate application and review process managed by the Gilead Independent Medical Education Department (IMED). For more information, contact the IMED department at ?imed@gilead.com.

        Charitable donations

        Group of volunteers standing in a row

        Many individuals often face undue burdens in getting the healthcare they need due to age, disability, ethnicity or race, location, gender, gender identity, or socioeconomic status.

        To help ensure all people have the same opportunity to get the best possible care — regardless of background — Gilead offers grants to organizations that hold important social service and healthcare-related charitable events in areas of unmet need.

        Some of the charitable events Gilead has funded include:

        • Local programs
        • Walks/runs
        • Social services
        • Community initiatives
        • Science and education activities
        • Awards dinners
        • Fundraising galas

        The types of charitable organizations Gilead has funded include:

        • Disease awareness organizations
        • Medical professional associations

        NOTE: If you’re seeking funding for an exhibit or display that will appear at a local program, please contact your?local Gilead field sales employee.